How to interact with our new website

Join our mailing list

It will literally take you 2 seconds and once done you will kept informed of major news updates.


· Go to our home

· Scroll down the page

· Enter your email address

Job done!

Become a member (VIP)

Here you will be able to view your actions easily and can freely update your profile for when you interact with our website and blog.


· At the top right of the page

· Click log in

· Follow the sign-up process

Job Done!

Now you have your own account to access and view. Simple log in at the top right corner and then view “my account”. Now when you comment on the blog, it will appear under your profile.

Comment & like blog posts

Now that you are a VIP, like blog posts you like, this helps us understand what to share. Also comment as feedback and interaction is great!


· Click on “BLOG”

· Read a bog

· Click the heart icon if you like

· At the bottom of the page, comment if you have something to say

Job Done!

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