Linked Instincts
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Linked Instincts have been along time in the making. Following Dale and Ben attending an open mic session at The Wildman in Norwich and after talking with Dandelion and Will, we soon started to explore the idea of doing something together alongside our current commitments and projects.

In February 2020 WhatsApp chats turned into us meeting for the first time to explore options and start a project together. We agreed to a handful of covers and booked a rehearsal room. Sadly due to COVID, everything was put on hold until July. 

At our first rehearsal, we were buzzing as we created some amazing sounds and soon established that we enjoyed jamming together.

Since this point, we have been playing together on covers and original material and very quickly we started to create a set of songs, but with no gig opportunity due to COVID.We plan to write and record an album to be released in spring 2021 followed by a tour.

Dandelion Florence

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Vocals & Guitar

Dandelion Florence is a singer/songwriter and general multi-instrumentalist noise maker creating verbal observations of rage, humour and other pertinent delights. As a kid she spent hours attached to a piano telling theatrical monologues and first started on her more public musical journey with a penny whistle busking around France, Spain and Ireland.  Using predominantly vocals, guitar and sometimes bass, in addition to Linked Instincts, she also performs as a solo artist, in a duo, Dark Diversions, and a vibrant and fun punk band, Hotwired.

Dale Wordley



Playing in bands throughout high school, there was no question that Dale would have a lifetime interest in music.

Dale started playing Bass at the age of 14 and since that point has been involved in many projects and gigged more times than he could count. Dale has recorded a number of EP's and albums over the years with numerous bands.

As well as the bass, Dale also plays the piano and Saxophone

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Anoop  Bayben

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Anoop has been playing in many band across the globe for many years.  Grew up listening to Boney M - Beatles -Abba in school days , eventually evolved into metal (nu/ thrash) and so did his style of drumming. Had to fight/ is fighting all the stereotypes associated with the genre for a long time.  His ex band was featured in MTV and comes with ample  songwriting / live play experience. His best friend is JD on the rocks and brags about his MBA after a few :-). A die hard metal head also know as skin thrasher,


Anoop hails from land of Kamala Harris,  yes South India

Will Allinson


Vocals & Guitar

Ever since Will was a kid he’s been into playing music. He graduated to guitar at 14, and for some years now has been making a living as a solo singer-guitarist, mainly in pubs and venues around Norwich and Norfolk. He spent a few years jumping into various projects, which has taken him from rock to Latin, from folk to gothic, and more recently has added some bass and drums to his bag of tricks.


Since a teenager he’s been into nu-metal and grunge, and has branched-out from there. His influences include Deftones, The Smiths, The Pixies, Anna Calvi, The Darkness, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein.

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